Wednesday, 13 April 2011

next poster ( The way i am)

When listening to this song this give me a real feeling of not being left alone due to the fact that one of his lyrics say that people wont leave him alone when hes feeding his child. I can understand that this would be a big problem especially when your trying to hold a family together without being mithered by the press and fans.
Heres a picture i drew of Eminem but with more of an angry face to reflect on how he feels abut the situation.
As you can see i still want to keep the same kind of style and now i want to vectorize this image to produce a more digitalized image to work within an advertisement, which would also communicate better with my target audience which is anybody between the age of 16-30.

Giving Eminem this dark aura gives the image more attitude and shows the darker side of his emotions towards people who consistantly pick at him in the streets while he's doing his own thing.

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