Wednesday, 13 April 2011

finalised poster for Role model

After i finished this piece i realised that the style does suit the style of music that Eminem sings. Relating music and art together brings out feeling in work and i feel that i have achieved this to a good standard. The whole idea of the poster is that being a child we learn off the people who we look up to and sometimes that isn't a good thing due to some parents or Role models aren't what people see them to be, and this is what Eminem was trying to get across to his fans.

As you can see i wanted to give the faces a boarder to represent the style of a comic book, which i will be doing alot more, especially on my animation which will be on the same song and will also be moving to the lyrics that will be said. This is called interactive animation, Just like the video of Watchmen which has the potential to be an application on an ipod for music enthusiasts.

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