Sunday, 27 February 2011

Typography ideas

This was meant to say "lose theme" but unfortunately i couldn't fit it in but the idea of the style of type im trying to achieve shadow and a realistic feel.
This is a more detailed illustration using pencil, Biro and a fine liner, i found that using the pencil to shade against the Biro it created a real depth and 3D feel to the type.

Vector practice

This is my First vector idea using layers and some shade, After looking at some of my inspiration i found that i need to do more shades. some lighter than others to create depth and character.

This is an idea of what im trying to aim for.

Friday, 25 February 2011

More Illustration ideas

After thought about grabbing the crowds attention i needed to find a way that Eminem reaches out to his fans, so i watched some of his live concerts and found that he has such a strong bond with his fans and they reach out for him as you can see here........

So After watching this video it give me this idea........
This is my first solid concept at the moment.
And this is what His fans will be doing.

My Main ideas (what you think?)

This was my first idea of a head exploding with some style of Typography.
This was the image that gave me the inspiration for using this exploding style.
Just some quick type that i made just using straight lines,
"Should i wake up or should i not"

Just a few Concepts

This was an idea i had using sharp shapes to represent hate and smooth flowing shapes to represent love.
Here i was using a face to depict out just dark shadows to create the outline of a face, This is a start to learning about shadow layers.
Screenshot of how to depict out shadow  from light.

Sketchbook work

After finding some solid inspiration, i have worked on some concepts for the illustration/Advertisement. some feedback would help thanks......
After Analysing Eminem as an Artist i chose to emotions that would give me an idea of what kind of person he is and also what are the main subjects he raps about in his music.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

More inspiration

I know what kind of style i want to incorporate into my work im just finding vector art very difficult in the manner of detail and composition, i found a vector Artist that has captured good emotion and feeling in his visuals and this is what i am going to try and aim my work to look like.

Here's a few of his images....
Mrazmerize - Jason Mraz
Summer Breeze
Bonus track
Take back the city

The bottom image has give me clear insight to how i can create creases in clothing to give the image more depth and character, which is needed when making expressive visuals.

some visual inspiration

I was looking through the internet trying to come up with a unconventional way i can show a piece of music and i found this video showing how music has its own unique visual communication, the video almost makes you feels like your inside the music itself.
Ned Resnikoff creates amazing visuals using a program called vizzy which he has created himself. the music in the video are all mathematical representations of audio data.
Heres the link if you want to read more about this....

My chosen artist and why i chose him

when trying to choose a piece of music to illustrate it has to touch senses that we feel confident in expressing through visual media. Music and Art have abilities to make people feel certain emotions and these emotions give us a relationship with the material, this creates an emotional response to that piece of work.
I'm choosing Eminem as my Artist due to his music being very strong visually as well as lyrically, his song are almost reading a story of sometime in his life and how he's feeling about a certain problem in his life. Eminem obviously feels that rapping his life will make people relate to the problems he's going through, in a way he's explaining that we all go through problems in our lives but we can all still make something of ourselves and this is the aim of Diesel music, to push peoples potential and get them noticed.
Here are the songs i have chosen....
The way i am
Lose yourself

These tunes represent a strong meaning for not changing who you are and to obtain your goals without being distracted by other people who lead you astray.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Whats the idea about Diesel music?

Diesel music is a website that up and coming bands that can add their music online and achieve status by making fans and getting feedback of music. Because of this idea someone can come from being a normal average person on the street to a successful Artist with the enthusiasm to get out there and make something of themselves. This is a good way to get people to not be scared of showing off what they can do, and this relates to the idea of being stupid, for Eg .... If you was an artist and wasn't too confident in your own work, you would naturally think should i show off my work? Is it good enough? Will it get me somewhere in life?. In this case be stupid and get it out there, either way people will say if its good or if its not. Listening to people is the best way to better yourself at your profession so lets be stupid and learn from our mistakes.

Diesel's Heritage. ( just a brief idea)

The Brand Diesel began its adventure more than 20 years ago and is now an enthusiastic international design company, designing, making jeans and casual clothing as well as Furniture and accessories. It is noticed in over 80 countries with 10,000 points of sale and almost 50 company owned stores.

When Renzo Rosso founded the company in 1978, he wanted the brand to be a leader, a company that aimed to take chances, he surrounded himself with creative influences and talented people - innovators like him. Renzo wanted to come up with a more dynamic and imaginative collection of clothing that would be available anywhere. He gave his new creatives broad stylistic freedom, hoping that they could create a line of clothing which would be perfect for the people who follow the way Diesel portrays itself. Particularly people who like to express who they are through their clothing range.

From the very Beginning, the designers wanted to create a line of clothing that separates their designs from everybody else, they turned their backs on style dictators and consumer forecasters of the fashion establishment and let their own tastes lead them to success. For this reason of design is what made Diesel such a leader in clothing brand, Guaranteeing quality fabric and design for consumer satisfaction.

The company views the world as a single border less macro culture, and the Diesel staff reflect this: these people have a wide variety of personalities from all over the world, creating a unpredictable, amazing vitality and energy within the company.

Reference -

Here are a few adverts that involve the stupid campaign

Images from -

I have found that these Advertisements clearly show how stupid can be more of a fun outcome than being smart which is a more understanding point from a person who loves life that much. This stupid campaign is obviously targeted at the younger audience who are creative and Enthusiastic, These are the people who want to get somewhere by having fun and enjoying life and Diesel are getting this message across showing that stupid can work as well as being smart.

whats being stupid have to do with Diesel??

Diesel, the international jeans brand, is launching “Be stupid“, a campaign that encourages consumers to take risks and move beyond the smart and sensible track for life. The campaign, developed at Anomaly London, includes online, press and outdoor advertisements featuring “stupid” acts, a digital recruitment campaign for the Diesel music video/2010 catalogue, and viral activity outlining the company’s Stupid philosophy.
Thinking stupid is another way of involving out of the box creativity which attracts a load of peoples attention just because its weird, out of the ordinary. Curiosity is what makes people interested in something and coming up with something that is strange and not usual will most deffinately make people curious.