Thursday, 10 February 2011

My chosen artist and why i chose him

when trying to choose a piece of music to illustrate it has to touch senses that we feel confident in expressing through visual media. Music and Art have abilities to make people feel certain emotions and these emotions give us a relationship with the material, this creates an emotional response to that piece of work.
I'm choosing Eminem as my Artist due to his music being very strong visually as well as lyrically, his song are almost reading a story of sometime in his life and how he's feeling about a certain problem in his life. Eminem obviously feels that rapping his life will make people relate to the problems he's going through, in a way he's explaining that we all go through problems in our lives but we can all still make something of ourselves and this is the aim of Diesel music, to push peoples potential and get them noticed.
Here are the songs i have chosen....
The way i am
Lose yourself

These tunes represent a strong meaning for not changing who you are and to obtain your goals without being distracted by other people who lead you astray.

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